Al's Morning Blog - Monday December 2nd, 2019

Every day for the last 11 or 12 years I have been writing a blog. I am so glad my ego is in control so I don’t have to tell the world how great I think it is(or isn’t). Today I honor those like myself, who wait patiently until retailers think the year is done and then on the 21st or so I come to the rescue, not caring what’s on sale or how many of whatever are left. I plunk down my money or plastic, accept the price, beg them to wrap it and place it lovingly under the tree as my better half already knew I would. Like so many of you I am so predictable. And I love it. Same stores every year, with a little hitch and go surprise just to keep it interesting. If on occasion they are slovenly and sarcastic, I will do as I did in 2017. I looked at the clerk and said: “you’re obviously having a bad day. I’ll come back when you feel better.” Sure enough I came back the next day and said: “are you having a better day”? To my surprise she answered: “yes, and are you also”? I gave up, smiled and bought. Life is good. Sometimes the blog is too.

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