Waitress Pushed Into Lake By Dine-And-Dashers As She Gave Them $150 Bill

Upset waitress has conversation with manager

Photo: SDI Productions / E+ / Getty Images

A waitress said that she was pushed into the Lake of the Ozarks while trying to give a group of diners their $150 bill. Liahna Bertels, who works at Fish & CO restaurant in Camdenton, Missouri, told KYTV that the group got up to leave, so she ran after them with their check.

The group refused to pay and then threw her into the water.

"I hit the water, they decided to start laughing and cheering, which really hurt," Bertels told the news station. "And I was just like crying and bawling in the water, and I didn't know what to do."

She spent about ten minutes in the water until she could climb onto a docked boat.

Bertels said she had problems with the customers from the start. One of the diners tried to order an alcoholic drink but didn't have her identification, so Bertels refused to serve her. About 30 minutes later, the group placed their food order and then got upset at the long wait.

The Camden County Sheriff's Office said it is investigating the incident as a possible assault. They said that one person, whose photo was shared on Facebook, has contacted them and is cooperating with the investigation. The sheriff's office noted that the individual is not suspected of assaulting the waitress.

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