Tips For How To Fake Being Sick At Work

Coughing man

Let's face it -- just about everyone has faked being sick at least once to avoid going to work. Using a gravelly voice and sounding tired may be enough to get by, but Metro has some tips to really sell it to your boss.

Flu -- Know the symptoms vs. a cold, and take more than a day off, because the flu takes longer to get over.

Food poisoning/Gastroenteritis -- Don't get fancy and say you have gastroenteritis, just stick with food poisoning.

Migraine -- This is a better excuse than just a headache, because the answer to that might be to just take a couple of Advil and go in to work. Women are more likely to suffer from migraines, so this is a good excuse for them.

Back/neck pain -- You might want to mention taking anti-inflammatory drugs and using hot and cold packs.

Whiplash -- Be ready to wear a collar for a little bit if you really want to be convincing with this one.

Sprained ankle -- Have a good excuse for how it happened and practice your limp for when you return to work.

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) -- Be sure to mention how contagious this can be. Your boss will want you to stay home.

Harold Mann

Harold Mann

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