Wolf Blitzer: Why Do Police “Shoot To Kill” And Not “Shoot To Injure”

When your gun and policing knowledge comes from Hollywood.

And remember this one of CNN’s marquee anchors.

Discussing the the shooting of Walter Williams by Philly police, Blitzer asked CNN Law Enforcement Analyst Charles Ramsey, why did the police officers “shoot to kill opposed to shoot to injure and just prevent anything from going further?”

Ramsey correctly pointed out to Blitzer “ officers are trained to shoot at what we call center mass. Despite what you may see on TV, it’s not easy to hit extremities and so forth (ph), especially under stress. So officers are trained to shoot center mass, not shoot to kill. But, unfortunately, that does happen.”

Ramsey added, “when you're at the scene and you have an individual armed with a knife coming toward you, it's a whole different type of situation. And the officers have to make very quick judgments.”

Blitzer is just as ignorant as Biden.