Al's Morning Blog - Tuesday January 10, 2017

The word legacy is defined in different ways. It can be part of a will, or something handed down through the ages. Even in computer talk, it has a different meaning. Most of us, however, define it as something handed down, something a part of someone or something you can remember. Bill Clinton’s legacy, like Richard Nixon’s, is unfortunately tainted to a degree. Both opened new doors. Nixon, in his accomplishments in the Far east, Clinton with his handling of the economy and ability to reach across the aisle. The downside was his dalliances throughout both presidential terms. Nixon, with Watergate. George Bush, involved in helping to start a war we are still in. Yet, the way he brought America back from the terrors of 9-11. Reagan, Carter, Johnson, Eisenhower, Truman and of course FDR have laid out some smooth, some rocky roads. What will Barack Obama’s be? Obviously, being the first African-American president is one. His health care plan?  His handling of foreign matters? His inability to cross the aisle? Yet, he is a Nobel peace prize recipient and accomplished that early in his first term.  A partial economic recovery? He will have to beat the drum loud and long to convince at least half of America that he was successful. Some presidents have taken a half century or more. Truman, in death, stands larger than ever in life. Rest assured, the media will blow the trumpets for those who care to listen. His two terms will be hailed as a success by some but a failure by close to half of the citizenry.

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