Al's Morning Blog - Wednesday January 11th, 2017

Barack Obama is no one’s fool. Instead of his farewell speech from the Oval office, which is where most former American leaders spoke from, he chose a venue with an audience. Smart man. Good move. Never mind the fact that he bypassed the facts on what he did or didn’t. Forget the “yes, we can”when it was actually “yes, we didn’t”. He had the audience as well as the media in his back pocket. No so, when the new president will have the media, “in his face”. Maybe Trump is up to the job. Thank goodness there are enough “pros” in the crowd to negate some of the “nay’s”. Donald Trump does not expect a fair shake, nor will he get one. But knowing that should make it a little easier.  I like his “up your’s” to the reporters eager to gouge. At some point, they will realize they will get close enough only when they use all of the deck, not just the jokers. Don’t expect citizen Obama to go away. There are too many pack wolves in the media anxious to hear his point-counter point. Fortunately, like everyone else who is out of the limelight, his voters and sympathizers will fade to a certain degree. When the media realizes they can only get good sound bites when they ask an intelligent question, maybe they too will do a half turn right.

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