Al's Morning Blog - Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Enough of the groundhog. Consider this. If we, as a country twenty years ago would have implemented (a) stricter rules on immigration, (b) finished the job we started in the gulf war, (c) insisted kids earn their way to a high school education by passing their grades, (d) insisting that everyone pay at least something for health insurance, (e) cut back on subsidies for rent, food, etc...and reinforced our belief in police being respected for doing their job and (f) telling those that live here if you don’t like the rules, haul your butt off to somewhere else, we wouldn’t be in the fix we are now. If little things had been handled before they became insane, maybe things would be a little closer to normal. So now, some folks who are trying to handle the monumental task of making corrections are hailed as “haters, obstructionists and everything else on this great earth. A spanking then may have saved someone from stealing later on. No television for a week, or staying in your room may have prevented a shooting. But by playing namby-pamby and listening to the child behavior experts we now have untold grief to bear until someone decides we have to restart from scratch. It will be tough. I just don’t know if we are up to it.

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