Al's Morning Blog - Friday, February 17th, 2017

Monday is Presidents day and as such I guess we honor all presidents. I know the most famous are Washington and Lincoln but there are 45 in all.

I always think of Millard Fillmore (13) and his accomplishments. Hmm! Yesterday I saw President Trump (45) and he reminded me in a way of “Old Hickory” Andrew Jackson (7) and his fire and brimstone approach. Fillmore supposedly was a joke and Jackson is on the 20 dollar bill. Presidents back then didn’t worry about networks because there were none. They would have had to shout their questions because there were no microphones and people wouldn’t have heard the answer’s  because they had no electricity. Speeches were carried by horseback and took days to get where they were going. By then, the president who gave the speech might have been dead, having died in office.  Some folks didn’t get to argue about his speech because he gave none. He caught a cold at the inauguration and died before enacting any legislation. Who? William Henry Harrison (9). No one knew FDR(32) was in a wheelchair because the media never squealed and because we only had radio.  We finally got TV and then Nixon (37) forgot to put on makeup which is why some folks say he lost the election to JFK (35). So the 45th president let the media have it on Thursday and the question now is who will be the last man standing? Donald Trump(45) or Wolf Blitzer, ( number attached.)

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