Al's Morning Blog - Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

People don’t write as much as they used to. I am blessed to get quite a few thank you cards from the US mail. Some are for things we have given away and strangely enough, people who thank me for the years they have listened. Occasionally I will get kudos for some little historical nugget about Southeast Texas that I remember. This happens when you’ve been in a market for almost 55 years. Strangely enough I will get mail from someone who has been on the morning show. These are people I have given air time to in lieu of them paying for ads. I love to do it. it’s the job of a radio station to do public service often. Every once in a while instead of a thank you card I will get an invitation to a function they are involved with. It’s an invitation to buy one of their “tables for 10,000 dollars”. I am often amused by this and will call them and tell them I will be out of town or playing golf, feeding the cat or rearranging my sock drawer. (Just to get their reaction.)  Sometimes I ask where they  think I can get my hands on ten grand to attend the function. If I win tonight’s lottery I might consider their offer.

Morning Show

Morning Show

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