The pettiness to which the media stoops to took another hit when Sara H. Sanders (Trump press secretary) was castigated for showing a picture of a pie she baked for Thanksgiving. As a side note, I have a picture of one of my wife’s Lemon pies in my phone. She actually did bake it as I am sure SHS did for Thanksgiving. The media couldn’t even let that one fly. “Did she really bake it”, “Is it a recipe rip off”, “she’s  probably a soccer mom” and a litany of other names and demeaning arrows? If the media hates this president that much, so be it. I wonder if they would be fawning at Hillary’s ankle length hemlines if she were the first cheese instead of the Donald. It’s coming up on a year and they are relentless. They are also pretty stupid, but you knew that already. Like the Mongoose ready to spring at the Cobra, they stand salivating at the thought of finally nailing Trump on Russia or sex or anything else in the universe. Guess they haven’t heard he was elected president but then we all know they are a little slow on the uptake anyway. I’ll take a slice of that pie, Sarah and leave the crow for the reporters.