Al's Morning Blog - Thursday January 4th, 2017

I guess Mc Donald’s knows what they are doing when they advertise their new Arch burger with “fresh meat”. We all know Mac uses good quality stuff but “fresh” can have many faces. Getting fresh on a first date. Being fresh out of inventory. Hiring a fresh face usually means someone is going to be replaced. Too many people interpret fresh the wrong way. On a Lamar football trip to Northern Illinois, I asked the waitress if they had seafood. She replied she did and when I asked if it was fresh she hesitated for about a New York minute and then said it was fresh frozen. She spoke the truth. It had been frozen somewhere else, shipped and then thawed to bring it to the table fresh. I wonder if any of the thousands who received a 1,000 dollar bonus in the past week considered the bonus fresh. After all, many hadn’t had a bonus in 20 years. The bonuses came as a result of the tax bill passing, therefore allowing companies being accused by the media of becoming evil rich, had to a degree, passed along some of it to workers. Will the workers consider this a fresh start for their company? Even if they didn’t vote for Donald Trump they got the bonus. Did Trump get any credit from the media? Of course not. They were too busy trying to find some fresh information on that Russian collusion thing.

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