Al's Morning Blog - Monday January 8th, 2017

I had Blue Cross, Blue Shield insurance. It was all I needed. I didn’t use it unless I went to the hospital. I only went to the hospital when told to go to my doctor. I had no specialist. My GP was it. Flu, earache, upset stomach or a broken leg. I hesitated with all of the first three. My doctor diagnosed everything. No specialist was needed. (Plus, I didn’t know any.) First child delivery was 100.00. Paid upon leaving the hospital. That was it. No excuses. Pay the man. They would bill me for some small stuff but usually, I paid on the way out. There was a sign on the door that said: “Pay on the way out.”

Drug stores were for picking up prescriptions, buying TV Guide, getting cigarettes or cough drops. Women also got you know what there. They also had vitamins but when you asked your doctor about which one to take,  he told you they were all the same. Remember that? Doctors also came to the house. They all drove Buicks. At the drugstore, there were no questions about age. There was also no drive-thru facilities. They didn’t sell beer. They also didn’t open on Sunday but I digress. My whole point is that things were a lot easier. I guess I was lucky. Today, of course, they can save lives that used to be lost for lack of proper diagnosis. The tradeoff is certainly in our favor nowadays. But sometimes, it just doesn’t feel like it.

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