Al's morning Blog - Friday February 9th, 2018

I’m sure if you read this story or saw it on YouTube, you either laughed,  cried or did both. A 20-year-old at the Baltimore airport was told she couldn’t bring her pet Hamster on the plane. Spirit airlines had told her on the phone that “Pebbles” would be no problem. Arriving at security she was told otherwise. Her doctor had recommended the Hamster as a service animal because of a medical problem. After trying to rent a car to get back to San Marcos, the Texas State student had no other option than to fly. In order to do that security told her she would have to literally flush it down the toilet. Grieving and with no other alternative, she did so. She now has an attorney. The airline said they didn’t either (a) deny her or (b) never said it was OK. The bottom line here is whether you laugh or cry a person’s heartache is the issue. I don’t care if you like Hamsters or not when someone can’t make a decision on something like this, it becomes a problem. Part of the problem is being specific about who can and who cannot fly. That’s what the airlines are in business for. I bet she wins the lawsuit.

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