Al's Morning Blog - Thursday March 15th, 2018

I know, I know. Toys R Us is closing. It’s a shame. We shopped there. Prices were good, service so-so, but I bought quite a bit there. The idiot patrol, however, is a little over the top. “Oh, I can’t believe it”.

Why not? Folks quite shopping there eons ago. The guy who said he never shopped there but it hit him in the gut cuz he loved them since he was a kid. Loved them, but didn’t shop there? Sounds like it was a hit in the cranial structure and not the gut. The prize belongs to the Jerk-ette who asked: “where was she going to buy toys now with TRU gone”. She’s also brain dead. Shop at Amazon like everyone else or write a letter to Santy Claus. I know, I misspelled it on purpose because her comment sounded like a misspelling.  Hey, honey. Sorry but time marches on. Toys No More didn’t see the 18 wheeler coming and got flattened like the coyote in the Roadrunner series. Competition is tough and when you say you miss something it reminds me of the gal who called after I read a news story about a local restaurant closing. She was grief-stricken and I asked her how often she dined there. She replied she never had but “meant to”. Give her gas, please.

Get over it, toy fools. It’s done.

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