Al's Morning Blog - Wednesday May 29th, 2018

It’s obvious ABC had few options with Rosanne Barr’s comments yesterday regarding a member of former President Obama’s staff. Rosanne probably knew it when it left her phone. Now her staff knows it and they are out of a job. It seems this all started with a guy by the name of Jimmy The Greek. He was a CBS commentator who tried to explain why he thought African Americans made better athletes. He was banished from the kingdom and died a short time later. His death should not be equated with his comments but that’s the way it is nowadays. Within hours ABC(ESPN/Disney) both fired her. Probably justified. How come then, Joy Behar(The View) called vice president Mike Pence mentally disturbed because he prayed to Jesus Christ? How come then that Keith Olberman who has had more closings that the Yugo motor company can call the president of the United States an f**** Nazi without repercussion? Guess ABC has different feelings for different situations. I remember world war two and the atrocities the Nazis carried out on humanity. I resent that praying to Jesus puts me in a mental state tantamount to that of Charles Manson. Hello? Anybody there? Guess not. Probably counting money or maybe wondering why the NFL ratings are down. Ask the former 49’er quarterback.

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