Al's Morning Blog - Thursday November 29th, 2018

Could we maybe say: “Pretty please, don’t jump the fence or throw rocks anymore”? I wonder if that would work on our border skirmishes. Apparently, the idiots who run our country (or try to) do not realize you fight fire with fire or in this case violence with violence. When people are illegally trying to enter our country as in crossing the border and they resort to tearing up fences, throwing rocks, punching wildly and other assorted things, it’s time to do something. Something as in tear gas. I know. We’re awful. We should let the nice people in.  After all, rules are to be broken, aren’t they? That’s why we have rules. It Germany a while to learn their lesson, letting over one million illegal’s into their country. Do we need a house to fall on us to realize whuss up?? Probably.

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