Al's Morning Blog - Wednesday March 20th, 2019

How thrilling. How exciting. How droll. How stupid!! Donna Brazile on Fox news. That’s like a tomato on an apple pie, a supercharger on a Whizzer bicycle. A dog in a cat house. (I know some guys that were caught in a cat house but I digress.) This is like plugging your hair dryer into your I Pod. Last night Fox news launched (good word) the Good ship Donna and let her sic Sean Hannity. (Funny how Google red lines his name like they do not know who he is.) She apparently didn’t answer any of his questions directly because he didn’t slip her the answers first, something she showed a talent for when Hillary was running for president. I see Fox’s point. It will make some of us angry. Some like me were angry enough to go back to the game on N.I.T. game. Meanwhile Judge Janine is in limbo this week. Limbo is located 80 miles north of Jasper. For her there is no “justice”. At least for now. Meanwhile Miss Dizzy continues to wow us with her ineptness. I used to be able to switch her off on Sunday with the excuse I was late for church. Now, I’ll have to put the cat to bed earlier and pay a little more attention to my wife, which is not a bad idea. (She’s not happy with Miss D either.)

If you didn't catch it, see the video below.

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