Al's Morning Blog - Tuesday April 16th, 2019

“Star bright, star bright, make my wish come true tonight.” (CNN on hearing William Weld is running for president against Trump.) Democrats are in delirium. Would it not be wonderful if he ran? Surely we could beat HIM!! That’s what they’d like. They’ve tried everything. Collusion, hopefully taxes. After all, that’s what they got Capone on. Get Trump somehow. The fear of another four years strikes like a hot poker to their heart and other tender parts and a Weld run would make it so easy. If he can just get enough votes away from Trump. Zounds!! Eureka!! By Jove, that’s it. Hey, Maxine, Nancy, Chuck. Get a load of this. On the other hand, who would he run against? Kamela, Cory, Liz, what’s her name from New York? Amy or Joe or some other Shmow? Maybe they need a magic fairy!!!

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