Al’s Morning Blog - Friday December 20th, 2019

Twas the week before Christmas and all thru the land, a film of pure hate had covered the land. The Nancy’s, the Schumers and little Adam too, had done what they hoped would a Christmas, be blue. They saddened and slung all the snow they could find and gave off with stories to blow any mind.

Alas and alack their sleigh had broke down and visions of success turned to visions of frown. On Sheila,on Maxine, and yes Jerry too, they flapped in the breeze, clear to Kalamazoo. Kamala and Bernie and ole’ sleepy Joe, continued to cuss till their faces turned blue. Ahoy, in the distant, a light shone so clear, it was Lindsay and Mitch, they were having a beer. “Toast to the peaches, they cried in the night” as the Botox from Nancy brought a horrible sight. On Donald, on Rudy their smiles followed thru as the democrats stockings contained JUST ONE SCREW. Merry Christmas, they chortled as they had one more beer. Better buckle your back end , we’ll see you next year.