Al's Morning Blog - Friday December 27th, 2019

I already know what you’re thinking. New Years. Resolution! New life! Bad habits gone!! Bah, humbug!!

Before you buy the fancy warm up bag, tennis shoes, shorts, warm up shirt and gym membership…STOP. Look around. Most folks in there are dedicated and go two, three times a week….very week!! You ready for that? Before you throw out all the breads, cakes and pies..STOP. Are you going to miss them? Get the picture? The dieters? Nothing but dry toast and celery for about a week, then you see them at Burger King with a sandwich in each fist. You’re going to be a nicer you. No road rage or fist pumping. Until someone cuts you off, then Katie, bar the door. The point here is do as the Greeks did. “Everything in moderation.” If you really want good health, take baby steps. Same with cutting back on food. I hope you’re around next year this time. Hey, I hope I’m around, too. Happy New Year.