Al's Morning Blog - Friday January 3rd, 2020

Getting used to writing 20-20 in the little date box when composing a check to pay a bill. It comes back that last year when you did this you realized there were new news events, new sports champions and few less friends. That’s always tough to get used to. “Can’t believe it”, you say. You saw them at a visitation for another friend. You told them you’d have lunch or visit…SOON. You never did. Come to think of it, that’s what you told the friend you were paying your respects to last year. But this will be different. You will visit. Then a month later you’re at their visitation and again, too late. Someday soon it will be your turn. Maybe they will have said that same “let’s do lunch” to you. But they didn’t and now theyr’e looking at you saying “Can’t believe it. it’s January. Why not resolve to MAKE TIME. You never know.