Al's Morning Blog - Tuesday January 7th, 2020

What a shocker!! Folks in Iran are shouting “Death to America”. I mean, like they’ve never done that before, have they? Um…yes, they have. When 9-11 took place, they danced in the streets, smiling laughing and yelling DTA. Got that one figured out? When the former prez sent a plat full of cash, they eagerly took it and then yelled: “death to America”. It’s nothing new. I know there are some good folks there and many live here. I also know by and large they (the others) wish us nothing but “death to” (fill in the blanks). It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to grab that puppy. But Liz Warren calling the general (Iran) killing as an assassination. Are you kidding me? Nope! No one is kidding. Sounds like the media is gunning for a memorial. Sound that way to you?