Al's Morning Blog - Wednesday January 8th, 2020

I suddenly feel very sorry for any of you who weren’t around in the early fifties. Not because I want to make you old but it would have been such a good time to enjoy the stress free days that arrived each and every morning. Yeah, our folks hated that we loved rock and roll and making out in the back seat. But it was pretty good. We didn’t have a pocket full of money because we were too stupid to care. We also didn’t love our fellow minorities (who certainly were judged as FELLOWS. We didn’t worry about scandals in the church or boy scouts because we were told to shut up and move along. Women didn’t complain about harassment because they wanted to keep their job. Four cokes and fries every day were fine because we liked them. Wait a minute…..maybe things weren’t so good after all. But we like to think they were. Chew on that for a moment.