Al's Morning Blog - Monday January 13th, 2020

Waiting for the impeachment is kind of like waiting for an Amtrak train. You figure it’s going to get here sooner or later, but you just don’t know when. My question is this. Is the interest really there for the public? If you have an IQ higher than 7, you would assume the “peach” would be outsourced from the nearest senate repository to the local garbage dump in record time. Most people figure that will be “duked out” in the next election. That’s the best way to either impeach, defuse, neuter or destroy by means of a medicine man, the evil Trump. For those that love him, they’ll just wait and see. How many reams of print have been offered up, saying the same thing over and over? What are the chances? Maybe seeing the Loch Ness monster, or a 52 De Soto, maybe cable rates that make sense or a Chic Fila ad featuring a goat instead of cows.